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Find Fujitsu M3099EH_GH_EX_GX parts, consumables, service contracts, cleaning kits, used and refurbished models at ScanStore.
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Fujitsu M3099EH_GH_EX_GX


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Search Results for Fujitsu M3099EH_GH_EX_GX

Fujitsu M3099EH/GH/EX/GX
Website N/A Parts Compare Discontinued
Scan Speed
8.5x11, 200dpi, Portrait
Simplex (1 sided) Duplex (2 sides)
N/A  N/A 

Fujitsu M3099EH/GH/EX/GX

Windows Operating System
Mid-volume (30-60 ppm)  Flatbed No 
ADF Size N/A  Color No 
Paper Size 11x17  VRS No 
Resolution 400x400  Multi-Feed No 
Daily Scans   TWAIN Driver Yes 
U.S. Warranty 0 Days  ISIS Driver Yes 
Auto-Crop No  PC Yes 
Imprinter No  Mac No 
Interface SCSI (50 pin) AND Video 
Part Number Disc. M3099EH/GH/EX/GX 
Fujitsu M3099EH/GH/EX/GX
Maintenance & Accessories:
 Installation, training and professional services
 Cleaning Kits & Supplies

This Scanner Is Currently Unavailable or Discontinued

This record has been provided to help you find parts for your scanner.
Website and Brochure links may stop working at any time.

Discontinued Scanner




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