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Hitachi HT-4139 110ppm Duplex 12x17" Dual Output Trays scanner
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ICR forms processing software
Hitachi HT-4139 110ppm Duplex 12x17" Dual Output Trays
N/A N/A Parts Compare Discontinued
Scan Speed
8.5x11, 200dpi, Portrait
Simplex (1 sided) Duplex (2 sides)
110  220 

Hitachi HT-4139 110ppm Duplex 12x17

Windows Operating System
High-volume (60+ ppm)  Flatbed No 
ADF Size 550  Color Yes 
Paper Size 12x17  VRS No 
Resolution 600x600  Multi-Feed Yes 
Daily Scans 50000  TWAIN Driver Yes 
U.S. Warranty 120 Days  ISIS Driver Yes 
Auto-Crop Yes  PC Yes 
Imprinter Yes  Mac No 
Interface USB 2.0 
Part Number HT-4139 
Hitachi HT-4139 110ppm Duplex 12x17" Dual Output Trays
Maintenance & Accessories:
 Installation, training and professional services

This Scanner Is Currently Unavailable or Discontinued

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Hitachi has a mission, "to identify the real needs of their customers and to set and achieve goals that surpass those needs. They develop and apply new technology without being bound by tradtitional thinking." This philsophy is apparent in the first scanner Hitachi has decided to introduce to the United States, the HT-4139, a 140 ppm landscape, 110 ppm portrait desktop scanner that re-defines the boundries for desktop scanning.

At first glance you'll notice the dual output trays,, a feature typically found in floor standing scanners that cost three times the price of the HT-4139. Finally, a desktop scanner that can route mis-feeds and separator sheets (patch code and bar code sheets) to a special pocket to improve productivity and reduce the labor costs of other scanners by having to manually sort the patch codes from the scanned pages.

Hitachi takes dual stream output and goes one better offering Tri-stream output in the HT-4139. Most production scanners today provide dual stream output so you can capture a high resolution color image and bi-tonal in one pass from the scanner, but given its OCR origins the HT-4139 allows users to configure three different output streams from one pass. Capture two high resolution color images, and have a single or multiple colors automatically dropped out on one, and capture a bi-tonal image at the same time.

The HT-4139 is a high speed document scanner that stands apart from the competition.

HT-4139 Scanner for OCR

Dual Output Trays
Desktop Type
Superior Speed: 140ppm
3 Image Streaming with a Single Scan

Small Footprint
Width: approx. 485mm
Depth: approx. 700mm
Height: approx. 405mm

Advanced Hardware

Superior Speed
150 ppm landscape, 110ppm portait desktop scanner that re-defines the boundries for desktop scanning.
*Scan speed varies depending on scanning conditions.

Advanced Output Trays
Continuous Scanning with 2 Output trays
Control paper ejection to trays.
Sheet stopper less. Setting for each paper size is not necessary.

Improved Paper Feeder
Auto Document Feeder (ADF) equipped
Multiple paper feed detection: Ultrasonic type
Handle documents of various sizes, thickness and paper types at high speed
*Feeding of mixed paper size has some limitations.

Easy for Maintenance
User Replaceable Rollers
Wide Opening

High Reliability
Longer Life : 18000k sheets ---> High Volume Applications

Exceptional Image Processing

High Definition / High Quality Images
High definitiion image with 600dpi CCD Color Sensor for OCR
Full color simplex and duplex

Application to Document Management
Suitable image scanner for high speed, compact, document control

Advanced Scanner Function
Advanced color management: Multiple streaming / All color drop out (data in black remains)
Enhancement of imprinting function

Long Life Ribbon with Ink Container
Long life ribbon with Ink container is available.
Up to about 2000K characters (regular: 300K characters) and replace cycle becomes 1/6.
Suitable for a great amount of scanning operation

Easy for Maintenance
User Replaceable : Pick/Reverse/Separator Rollers
Minimal downtime
Effective for prevention of document feed error

Issues of Single Tray Scanners
Stop scanning operation when a sheet is rejected
Find rejected documents out from stack of documentation for re-scanning
Sheet stopper less. Setting for each paper size is not necessary.

Advantages of Dual Trays (with TWAIN Driver)
Without stop scanning operation, rejected documents are automatically ejected to tthe dedicated output tray
Eliminate the time to find rejected documents for re-scanning

Paper Handling

Paper Alignment
Align papers to top and left edges
Easy to handle mixed size paper

Paper Ejection Control
High speed ejection is capable without stopper
Control ejection speed by paper sizes
Stacker aligns papers

Multiple Streaming / Color Drop out

3 Images Streaming
With a single scan, generate OCR scanning image + 2 more different mode images
Color Drop Out
Red/Green/Blue/All Except Black


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