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Instantly compare features for document scanners with our unique imaging scanner database. Most major features are searchable with our Advanced search. Detailed information and links to websites, brochures and part lists are at your fingertips.
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ICR forms processing software
Scanners Guide

More and more businesses are choosing to go paperless. This is a great decision that can save you time and money, reduce storage space requirements, and make a positive impact on the environment. The first step to this process is choosing a good scanner. This page will help you make an informed decision and find the scanner that best fits your particular requirements.

Types of Scanners

While there are dozens of scanner brands and hundreds of document scanner models out on the market, they can all be divided into a few general types.

Click on each image below to see their descriptions:

Automatic Document Feeder
Wand / Bar

Scanner Features & Specifications

For each type of scanner, there are numerous models out on the market. The various manufacturers tend to focus on different market segments, with their scanner selections varying in price, quality, and features. ADF's have a standard set of features to choose from, which are listed below.

Click on each for a description:

  • Simplex / Duplex
  • Speed
  • Max Page Size
  • Max Page Thickness
  • Feeder Capacity
  • Daily Duty Cycle
  • Bitonal/Greyscale/Color
  • Color Detection
  • Multi-Image Output
  • Color Dropout
  • Multifeed Detection
  • Staple Detection
  • Autocropping
  • Deskew
  • Autorotate
  • Blank Page Removal
  • Imprinter / Endorser
  • Interface Type
  • Operating System
  • VRS
  • Bundled Software
  • Warranty

Choosing a Scanner

Now that you know the many different features to look out for in a scanner, it may seem daunting to choose one with the right combination of these features to fit your specific requirements. However, some of these are more important to consider first, considerably narrowing down your options and making your choice that much easier.

First, start by looking at scanners that are compatible with your computer's operating system (Windows or MacOS). If you are limited to using only a Mac or only a PC, or if you need a scanner that is alternately compatible with both, you can narrow your selection pool by half or more. Be sure to check the scanner's brochure to make sure that your operating system's version number is also supported, since a driver might not be compatible with some operating system verions, even if it is compatible with others of the same kind. Some manufacturers offer updated drivers for recent scanner models on their websites, but older scanners will eventually stop being supported in favour of newer models.

Second, find out the type of documents you will be scanning. Will all of your documents be standard A4 (8.5 x 11") printer pages, or will you have larger page sizes or documents with non-standard thickness? Will all of your documents be loose-leaf or will some be bound and require a flatbed or other feeder alternative to scan? Will you be scanning black & white text, or will need the ability to scan in color or have mixed batches that would benefit from color detection. Make sure that the scanner can accept the full variety of your documents, and throw out of consideration those that can't.

Third, calculate or estimate how many pages you plan on scanning per day and how much time you plan on spending on this process. This will give you a good starting point to figuring out the speed and daily duty cycle range that you should be looking in. Although there is some correlation between these two specs (faster scanners usually have higher daily duty cycles), some models are more robust than others of the same speed. Keep in mind that feeder capacity also plays into overall scanning speed and expense, particularly in the case of large scanning projects, since changing out batches takes additional time and labor. If you need your documents properly named, organized, or even indexed on your computer, you may want to invest in the proper document management or forms processing software to speed things along. In this case, make sure your scanner has the drivers to support these.

Finally, compare the remaining choices. The above-mentioned considerations should have narrowed down your choices and given you an idea of the price range that you are looking at. Variations in price may depend on brand, which is a double-edged sword in that you may have to pay more for a better known name, but those may be better known because they produce higher quality scanners and offer better support. As with any important purchase, you want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck and that the company will exist to support it for the lifetime of your investment.

Find Out More On Scanners

Ready to choose a scanner? Here's how to find out more:
First, visit the scanners page on ScanStore or search below to see the types and features available.
Second, contact a ScanStore representative that can help answer any questions you might have.
Third, purchase the scanner that best fits your needs and begin the process of going paperless today!

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