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Tungsten (Kofax) VRS 4.2 Professional for USB/Firewire Workgroup Scanning (Hardware Key) (Part # VP-WH04-00U1)
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ICR forms processing software

Tungsten (Kofax) Virtual ReScan & Adrenaline

VRS 4.2 Professional for USB/Firewire Workgroup Scanning (Hardware Key)
Tungsten (Kofax) VRS 4.2 Professional for USB/Firewire Workgroup Scanning (Hardware Key)Part # VP-WH04-00U1


Perfect scans the first time, every time

You have purchased a scanner because capturing the information from paper documents and forms is an important part of your overall information management strategy. Now how do you maximize your scanning productivity?

VirtualReScan® is the answer. Patented VRS technology from Kofax® ensures that your scanning is as efficient and easy as possible, while also improving both the quality of the scanned images and the automated capture of information from your paper documents and forms. The result is lower scanning costs, lower data entry costs, and faster access to your information.

You handle a wide variety of documents and forms. Some are on colored paper, some are unusual sizes, some are hard-to-read carbon copies and some are photocopies of photocopies.

If you feed a stack of these documents into a standard scanner, some of the images will be too dark, too light, crooked or otherwise illegible. These images are unacceptable for compliant archives and almost useless for automated business processing. That means you need data entry operators to manually key in and correct the poor results, or you need to rescan the documents to get better images, or both.

You can improve your chances of getting good images by carefully preparing your documents before scanning. That means manually separating color documents from black and white, organizing them by size and condition, removing blank pages and rotating pages so they are all oriented in the same direction. Then you manually adjust the scanner settings for each type of document, scan them and then rescan them – possibly multiple times – until you get each one right. If you get it right.

Is this any way to automate a business process? Shouldn’t scanning be as easy as pushing the Scan button?

It is with VirtualReScan, the ultimate scanning productivity tool. Patented VRS technology from Kofax makes scanning as automated, efficient and easy as possible, while dramatically improving image quality.

For use with:
DR-3080CII 32ppm Scanner / Parts
DR-4010C 40ppm Scanner / Parts
DR-5010C 50ppm Scanner / Parts
DR-6080 60ppm Scanner / Parts
DR-7080C 54ppm Scanner / Parts
DR-7580 57ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-4340C 40ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-4530C 35ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-5530C 35ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-5650C 57ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-5650C 57ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-5650C 57ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-5750C 57ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-5750C 57ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-5750C 57ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-6670 70ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-6670A 70ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-6770 70ppm Scanner / Parts
fi-6770A 70ppm Scanner / Parts
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- Virtual ReScan & Adrenaline
- Tungsten (Kofax)


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