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Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL Color 12x17" Flatbed scanner
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ICR forms processing software
Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL Color 12x17" Flatbed
Website Brochure Parts Compare Discontinued
Scan Speed
8.5x11, 200dpi, Portrait
Simplex (1 sided) Duplex (2 sides)
N/A  N/A 

Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL Color 12x17

Both Operating Systems
Large (11x17") Flatbed  Flatbed Yes 
ADF Size N/A  Color Yes 
Paper Size 12x17  VRS No 
Resolution 3200x6400  Multi-Feed No 
Daily Scans 250  TWAIN Driver Yes 
U.S. Warranty 1 Year  ISIS Driver Yes 
Auto-Crop No  PC Yes 
Imprinter No  Mac Yes 
Interface USB 2.0 AND Firewire 
Part Number 1108-03-770003 
Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL Color 12x17" Flatbed
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This Scanner Is Currently Unavailable or Discontinued

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  • Large-format 12" x 17" scan area
  • 4.0 maximum optical density; 3200 x 6400 dpi optical resolution
  • DIGITAL ICE Photo Print Technology and ColoRescue for photo reconstruction and color restoration
  • True 48-bit color depth, 16-bit grayscale
  • FireWire and Hi-Speed USB interfaces
  • Features batch scan support and multiple sampling
  • Comprehensive software package, including Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, Microtek ScanWizard Pro, Microtek Scanner ICC Profiler, and Microtek LANShare™ scanner sharing utility for PC


With an optical resolution of 3200 dpi and a massive scan bed of 12" x 17", the ScanMaker 1000XL is the highest-resolution tabloid-size flatbed scanner on the market today. And with DIGITAL ICE Technology and Microtek's ColoRescue™, it's easy to correct damaged photos and restore faded color in photos and film. Significant features

Large 12" x 17" reflective scan area:  Scans oversize materials, such as newspapers and tabloid magazines, Lets you "batch scan" multiple photos for greater efficiency in a production environment.

48-bit color; 4.0 Dmax with Multiple Sampling:  Full 48-bit color for richer and smoother tonal values, Delivers more image detail in shadow and highlight areas for more true-to-life representation of your original, Multiple sampling reduces image noise by sampling each line of image data multiple times, resulting in purer image output.

DIGITAL ICE Photo Print Technology repairs damaged photos:  Automatically reconstructs damaged photos by identifying and eliminating surface defects, Corrects deep scratches, cracks, creases, rips, and tears found in photo print surfaces with one click, Saves you time and money, bypassing hours of painstaking work. Get amazing results in a fraction of the time.

Advanced ColoRescue™ system restores faded colors:  Restores faded colors back to their original vibrant tones, Works in both prints and film for maximum versatility and advantage, No hassle involved; all it takes is just one click.

High-resolution CCD:  41,300-element CCD provides superior images, 3200 x 6400-dpi resolution allows greater enlargement of scanned images.

ScanWizard™ Pro scanner controller software has many intelligent features:  Intelligent image category feature performs automatic image corrections, Intuitive color adjustment in the LCH (lightness, chroma, hue) color space, Selective and global color correction available in LCH and CMYK modes, Professional unsharp mask filter sharpens lightness channel only, with effect simulated in preview, Batch scanning feature for scanning multiple jobs. Manage each scan job separately with its own settings, Professional CMYK profiles that conform to US SWOP, Japanese Ink, and Euro scale industrial printing standards, Hundreds of ICC- and ColorSync-compatible profiles, ICC profiles embedded in output images; soft proof of RGB and CMYK images, New negative film profiles for precise and consistent color quality.

Microtek Scanner Profiler utility included:  Calibrates your scanner for consistent image quality in any work environment, Includes a Kodak Q-60R2 color target for reflective calibration.

Batch scan support:  Increases your productivity and lets you lay out several photos on the bed, customize image settings for each, and hit "Scan" to bring them all in, Custom scan job layouts can be saved for later use.

Zero Reflection Design Technology:  Eliminates artifacts created by light reflection, Dramatically improves digital images.

Microtek LANShare™ network software (for PC only):  Lets you share the 1000XL over a local area network (LAN), Allows multiple stations to use the same scanner and save on hardware costs, Ideal for small offices, workgroups, or inter-department workstations.

Software/Parts included:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0
Microtek ScanWizard™ Pro
Microtek Scanner ICC Profiler
Microtek LANShare™ network scanner sharing utility (PC only)
ABBYY FineReader Sprint OCR
Kodak Digital Science Color Management
Ulead Photo Explorer
Adobe Acrobat Reader

USB cable included
FireWire cable included

1 year limited warranty

ScanStore Reviews:


Great Alternative to the Epson 10000XL
( - 9/25/2007 5:01:05 PM)
This scanner is similar to the Epson Expression 10000XL, but from Microtek. Microtek is a less recognized company yet makes equally reliable scanners at a less expensive cost. The 1000XL even has a higher resolution and is also more recent.



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