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IRIS IRISCapture for Sort & Index - 100,000 Images Per Year
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ICR forms processing software
IRISCapture for Sort & Index - 100,000 Images Per Year

IRIS IRISCapture for Sort & Index - 100,000 Images Per Year IRIS IRISCapture for Sort & Index - 100,000 Images Per Year

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Key Features:

  • Very fast and accurate scanning
  • Automatic sorting and indexing of your documents
  • Automatic identification of the type of documents that are being captured
  • Recognize and encode data in different free-form fields defined by the user
  • Support of multi-page documents and attachments 
  • Connect several scanning stations to the same server
  • Perfect interoperability with KODAK Capture Software, IRISPdf, and many other I.R.I.S’ softwares
  • Direct support of most twain scanners
  • No template design and OCR engine training
  • Free SQL database included
  • Document viewer for external applications
  • ICP Evolutive Server Application

IRISCapture for Sort & Index Versions & Pricing

Automatic Document Indexing and Sorting - IRISCapture™ Pro 8.0. Sort&Index is I.R.I.S.’ solution for the automatic identification, sorting and indexing of paper and electronic documents. This solution automatically extracts information from single or multi-page documents, coming from different sources, in different languages. IRISCapture™ Pro 8.0 Sort&Index processes color and/or black&white documents, and is fully “dual stream” compliant.

Drag-and-drop OCR - As most documents have non-conventional design, IRISCapture™ Pro 8.0. Sort&Index offers a unique and user-friendly tool to index and capture any additional information: the “drag-and-drop OCR”. With just a mouse click, the “drag-and-drop OCR” reads any text on the document, avoiding to key in the data manually.

No template design - With IRISCapture™ Pro 8.0 Sort&Index, there is no need for a definition stage: neither design, nor learning of the OCR engine. Just import your documents, or scan them with KODAK Capture Software for instance, and IRISCapture™ Pro 8.0 Sort&Index identifies what kind of document it is and the key information your need. For all your documents, field tips can be given to the software via the Recognition Assistant.

XML/CSV export and Invoice Viewer - IRISCapture™ Pro 8.0 Sort&Index delivers all the indexes in an XML or a CSV file, as well as the original images of your document, for the easiest connection to your document management or workflow system. Once exported, the documents can always be viewed from any external application by launching the viewer of IRISCapture™ Pro 8.0 Sort&Index, where the hierarchical structure of the documents can be seen directly, without need of complex integration.

Easy steps for the Operator:

Scan or Import your documents - IRISCapture™ Pro 8.0 Sort&Index supports the scanning of documents, for instance from KODAK Capture Software, as well as the import of any kind of electronic documents. A watched folder can also be defined for automated processing.

Validate - In the validation screen, the original image of the document is displayed as well as the fields containing the recognized information. The operator validates the information and uses drag-and-drop OCR to capture any additional information he needs.

Export - The validated information is exported in XML or CSV format for easy injection into your document management solution or Workflow System.

System Requirments:


  • Via twain driver: directly drives most of the TWAIN compliant scanners including Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon, Panasonic and Böwe Bell&Howell scanners.
  • Via I.R.I.S. FastLink: all scanners supported by KODAK Capture Software (black&white, color or dual-stream) (optional)


  • Pentium IV 2GHz (recommended)
  • 512Mb RAM (recommended)
  • 500 MB hard-disk space for installation
  • Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 2000


  • SQL Database manager included (SQLBase or Oracle can also be used but need to be purchased and installed separately – Please contact I.R.I.S.)
  • Compatible Networks OS: Windows 2003/Windows 2000/Windows NT4, Unix*, Novell*, or Linux*

Specific installation to be done by the client*

Maintenance & Options:
 Installation, training and professional services
 IRISCapture for Sort & Index - 100,000 Images Per Year - 1 Year Maintenance


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