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This guide helps you find the right solution among the many document scanning, OCR, forms processing and document management solutions available on ScanStore.
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Document Management Solutions


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ICR forms processing software
Document Imaging, Management & OCR Solutions Guide

This guide matches our document imaging software solutions to typical goals that our visitors hope to accomplish.  Scan the left hand column to find the item that best describes your project and get suggested software solutions on the right.  Don't hesitate to contact us to get our advice if you still aren't sure!


I need to...

-> Scan batches of documents to organized folders and files on my computer

SimpleIndex document scanning barcode OCR software

Digitech Systems Document Management Software IRIS PowerScan Batch Document Scanning

Compare Batch Scanning Software

I should use...

SimpleIndex provides the easiest, lowest cost solution for batch scanning.  It has powerful automation features like OCR, barcode recognition and 1-click processing for a fraction of the cost of similar systems.

Digitech PaperFlow is a good solution for scanning large quantities of documents in a multi-user environment.  It has no monthly scan limitations and a variety of built-in exports to common document management systems.

Digitech PaperVision Capture is designed to distribute the scanning and indexing task to multiple workstations or across multiple sites.  All jobs are coordinated on a web-based job server, allowing you to scan documents in New York, OCR them in Chicago, index them in Houston and upload them to a document management system in Los Angeles automatically.

IRIS PowerScan is an affordable batch scanning application with basic indexing capabilities and a good interface for checking image quality as files are scanned.

The process of converting images to text is called OCR or Optical Character Recognition.  ScanStore offers several of the most popular OCR products, including FineReader, ReadIRIS, OmniPage.

View our OCR Guide for more information about OCR applications.

Mac users: check out our OCR for Macintosh page.

For businesses, we recommend ABBYY FineReader Corporate because of its high accuracy, concurrent licensing, broad language support, stability, support for "Hot Folders" for background processing and responsive technical support staff.

The best choice for personal users who need a solution for under $200 is ReadIRIS

ABBYY FineReader Server and provide centralized OCR processing for anyone in your organization.  Users simply copy images to network hot folders and complex OCR workflows can be performed automatically.

PaperFlow allows high-volume OCR processing in a scanning department or service bureau.  PaperVision Capture also has an OCR module for zone and full-text OCR.

If you only need to convert scanned images to searchable PDF files, Nuance PowerPDF also offer low-cost searchable PDF-only OCR solutions.

Digitech PaperVision and CompuThink ContentVerse both provide fully featured, HIPAA-compliant document management systems that are scalable to be affordable enough for small businesses yet powerful enough to support hundreds of users. Each offers some benefits that the other does not. View our Comparison Chart to see all the differences.

PaperVision includes a customizable application for searching and viewing, as well as a web interface.  WorkFlow and Report Mangement (COLD) modules enhance your ROI by automating document processes and eliminating pre-printed forms.

ContentVerse is unique in that it is Java-based and can run on Windows/SQL Server as well as Novell, UNIX and Linux operating systems and Oracle database servers. ContentVerse also has several key differences in the layout of its client window that many users prefer, including a folder view for browsing documents.

We recommend using SimpleIndex to do scanning and indexing with either of these systems. SimpleIndex is designed to interface directly with both PaperVision and ContentVerse, providing a simple, low-cost automatic scanning front-end.

SimpleIndex also includes a low-cost searching and viewing application that can be used for basic document management tasks. Use SimpleIndex as a standalone document management system, or add SimpleSearch to let you search and view documents on other workstations.  SimpleSearch is a fraction of the price of other document retrieval applications.

Digitech PaperVision provides a web interface with its document management server. This lets you host your own documents online, or you can use their ImageSilo hosted solution.  ImageSilo is hosted in Digitech's state of the art secure datacenter and provides all the features of PaperVision but without the extra headaches involved in managing a server in-house.

CompuThink ContentVerse web clients are also available, giving you full access to document management functions over the web.  No hosted solution is available for ContentVerse.

ABBYY FlexiCapture is an industrial-strength handprint recognition and forms processing application that provides desktop and page-limited versions that are affordable for small businesses and do not require extensive technical training or scripting to configure.

FlexiCapture Distributed provides powerful processing for large data processing centers and service bureaus.  The Distributed version divides data processing and verification among multiple users for data entry tasks that require very high volumes or multiple sites.

ABBYY FlexiCapture lets you define complex document layout rules to find key information anywhere it appears on the page.

IRISXtract has pre-configured recognition solutions for accounts payable invoices, HR documents, digital mailroom and other common business document processes. IRISXtract is able to learn new documents dynamically, constantly improving recognition accuracy the longer you use it.

SimpleIndex implements a simplified version of FlexiCapture's dynamic OCR for a fraction of the cost.  SimpleIndex is designed to use dynamic OCR to automate batch scanning and is not recommended for applications with more than 10 data fields.

-> Operate a scanning service bureau to perform outsourced scanning services

Digitech Systems Document Imaging Software ABBYY FlexiCapture Form Invoice Handprint OCR Software IRISXtract Invoice Digital Mailroom OCR Solution
SimpleIndex document scanning barcode OCR software

Compare Batch Scanning Software

SimpleIndex and PaperFlow both provide broad scanning and indexing capabilities, as well as the ability to create searchable CDs you can distribute to clients.  Neither  program has any page per month limitations, unlike other products in that price range.

PaperFlow is more expensive, but provides better features for multi-user scanning and indexing environments and more built-in exports to a variety of document and content management solutions.  SimpleIndex also has dynamic OCR and electronic file processing features that PaperFlow does not.

Digitech PaperVision Capture is designed to distribute the scanning and indexing task to multiple workstations or across multiple sites.  All jobs are coordinated on a web-based job server, allowing you to scan documents in New York, OCR them in Chicago, index them in Houston and upload them to a document management system in Los Angeles automatically.

ABBYY FineReader Server and IRIS Pdf Server are a great way to add OCR and full-text indexing to your service offerings.  These server-based OCR applications are easy to manage and designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.


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