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IRIS IRISCapture for Forms Pro - 250,000 Images per Year
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ICR forms processing software
IRISCapture for Forms Pro - 250,000 Images per Year (USB Dongle)

IRIS IRISCapture for Forms Pro - 250,000 Images per Year (USB Dongle) IRIS IRISCapture for Forms Pro - 250,000 Images per Year

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Product description

For the intelligent recognition of your documents.
IRISCapture Pro for Forms is an intelligent software suite that automatically captures, sorts and identifies all types of documents and forms entering a company or organization, irrespective of their size, layout and content.

It further extracts the documents’ relevant data using I.R.I.S.’s in-house recognition technologies: OCR for machine printed information, ICR for hand-printed data, OMR for marks in check boxes, BCR for barcodes. I.R.I.S.’s ICR Voting™ technology is used to provide the best possible ICR results. The recognized data is carefully verified, validated and controlled – automatically and interactively - via a series of operating modules before it can be exported in any standard format. The original paper-based data is quickly and safely converted into digital information that can be directly used in any other content management applications, such as I.R.I.S.’s Electronic Document Management applications: I.R.I.S. DocCenter, I.R.I.S. Archea.

Thanks to several newly developed technologies and I.R.I.S. FlexForm™, version 5 of IRISCapture Pro for Forms is able to efficiently process an even wider variety of forms and documents, including flexible forms. Documents with variations in layout, data font, languages and graphical elements can now be automatically processed as a whole in the system.

IRISCapture Pro for Forms is fully integrated with the dual-stream high-speed acquisition software KODAK Capture Software via I.R.I.S. FastLink™. The images are scanned in color/greyscale and black&white, and can be validated, archived and exported in color. The application also takes full advantage of multistation high-speed scanning and advanced preprocessing features.

IRISCapture Pro for Forms reduces data entry costs by up to 90 % or more, depending on the type of data to be read. It offers a highly scalable processing capacity, allowing the reading of several hundred thousands documents per day. IRISCapture Pro for Forms meets unprecedented productivity rates.


·  Full color document processing and dual-stream architecture  New!
With IRISCapture Pro for Forms, you can keep and archive the color image of each document (the documents can be scanned in color or dual stream). This gradually becomes a must in many industry applications. All of IRISCapture Pro for Forms modules (Identification, Recognition, Correction, Validation and Export) support color and dual stream documents.

·  In-house award-winning technologies  Improved
You benefit from a wide palette of I.R.I.S.’s in-house award-winning recognition technologies that offer an unmatched combination of speed and accuracy (OCR, ICR, BCR, OMR). The I.R.I.S. ICR Voting™ technology provides unprecedented ICR accuracy. Several other newly developed technologies such as I.R.I.S. FlexForm™ and I.R.I.S. FastLink™ offer to process a wider variety of documents while still reducing the processing time.

·  Automatic processing of Flexible Forms  New!
Documents with variations in layout, data font, languages and graphical elements, the so-called “flexible forms”, can now be automatically processed as a whole in the system. Thanks to I.R.I.S. FlexForm™, all flexible forms are processed according to one and same description file, using the unique OCR technology of I.R.I.S. and artificial intelligence algorithms.

·  Unique supervision tools  Improved
Unique supervision tools help you avoid any operational problem during the whole processing. The Audit Trail module offers a wide range of indicators and statistical/graphical reports that make you have full control over the users’ achievements and the system’s productivity.

·  Unique combination of verification tools  Improved
IRISCapture Pro for Forms is provided with an unmatched combination of 4 verification tools: BCIP (Batch Character Image Processing) for visual mass verification, Capture for free-format field capture, FMC (Field Mode Correction) for context verification, CAC (Computer Assisted Coding) for linked field capture. You can select the tool that is most appropriate for the type of field concerned. All verification tools are intuitive and optimized for fast correction.

·  Flexible client-server architecture
IRISCapture Pro for Forms is a flexible client-server application that runs on different operating systems - Microsoft Windows, Unix and Linux – and operates with different databases, including SQLBase, Oracle and Informix.

·  Open solution - API
IRISCapture Pro for Forms is an open solution. Its standard Formiris Pro API (Application Program Interface) offers easy interfacing with other applications and enables programmers to freely customize the application.


·  Unprecedented productivity
·  Unbeatable ICR and OCR speed and accuracy
·  Optimized ICR thanks to I.R.I.S. ICR Voting™ technology
·  Intelligent identification and sorting of documents
·  Exclusive I.R.I.S. FlexForm™ technology
·  Unique combination of verification tools
·  Perfect integration with KODAK Capture Software via I.R.I.S. FastLink™


Production interface
·  Import/Scan
·  Form Identification (optional)
·  Read
·  JQC (Job Quality Control) (optional)
·  Correct
·  Validate
·  Export
·  Pre- and post-processing operations


·  Population census with the Czech Statistics Office - 20 million forms scanned and fully processed in less than 5 months for the census of the Czech population in end of 2001.

·  Several million tax forms at the Belgian Federal Public Service Finance – since 2003, scanning and archiving of different types of documents like VAT return forms and tax forms, etc., a large amount of which are flexible forms – the data entry rate passed from 60 to 600 forms/hour or more.

·  Socio-economic poll by INS - National Institution for Statistics (Belgium) – the 2002 socio-economic poll of the Belgian population: processing of 15 million double-side A3 forms – average of 100,000 forms per day.

·  Examination forms by the European Commission – automation of all job application projects handled by the Commission, i.e. More than 40,000 applications per project with an approximate of 30 projects a year.

  Other references:
- Ministry of Labour in Luxembourg
- Belgian Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Security and Environment
- Caloribel
- Parke-Davis/Pfizer
- Rabobank
- Danzas
- Smap / Omob
- France Telecom
- etc

Maintenance & Options:
 Installation, training and professional services
 IRISCapture for Forms Pro - 250,000 Images per Year (USB Dongle) - 1 Year Maintenance


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