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CompuThink ContentVerse Professional Concurrnt License - Search/Find/View/Output, plus Approve/Reject Workflow
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ICR forms processing software
ContentVerse Professional Concurrnt License

CompuThink ContentVerse Professional Concurrnt License CompuThink ContentVerse Professional Concurrnt License - Search/Find/View/Output, plus Approve/Reject Workflow

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Computhink's ContentVerse® provides Document Management Solutions that integrate into your existing infrastructure, supplying the missing piece of the puzzle for secure information sharing and compliace, targeting small and medium size organizations. Computhink’s ContentVerse streamlines business processes, improves customer service, reduces costs and ensures compliance.

Computhink’s solutions can be deployed on an in-house network or accessed via the web through ContentVerse Online.

ContentVerse Document Management Features include:

  • Print, view and search over 400 file formats without the native authoring application
  • Document Routing for business process automation
  • Check-in/check-out content for review or editing
  • Control access with detailed security/permissions
  • Scan/OCR images
  • Allow for redacting out of confidential areas of documents
  • Save directly from Microsoft® Office Applications
  • Archive from Exchange and GroupWise environments
  • Review Detailed Audit trails for all documents activity performed within the system
  • Access via web and desktop applications
  • Set Retention policies based on Document Types
  • Utilize multiple levels of encryption

Electronic Signature CapabilityElectronic Signature

  • Use the "electronic signature capture" module, which enables users across the system to enter their signature into a secure data bank (featuring a unique username and password for each user) within the program, and pull it up (once their identity is validated) to apply to documents as needed.

As the industry's premier Enterprise Document/Content Management System, ContentVerse benefits include:

Professional Enterprise
Search, Find, and View Search, Find, and View
Collaborate with Your Team Collaborate with Your Team
Advanced Search Advanced Search
Works on Any Mobile Device Works on Any Mobile Device
100% Secure 100% Secure
Annotations and Redactions
Microsoft Office Integration
Input Everything
Advanced Output Options
Instant Notifications
Scan to Contentverse
Modify and Update Documents
Version and Revision Tracking
Advanced Security Setup

Immediate, Significant Operational Efficiencies

  • Reliable, Faster and Easier retrieval of documents
  • Rapid and powerful search capabilities to locate relevant documents
  • More timely & accurate capture, paper truncation at the source
  • Simultaneous access to documents & records by multiple people
  • Elimination of lost and misfiled records
  • Natural Integration with Applications & Environments
  • Enable electronic workflow/BPM Benefits
  • Reduction of physical document storage space
  • Eliminate shipping/traveling costs and delays for remote access

Regulatory & Legal Compliance

  • Security, Audit trails & usage tracking/reporting and accountability
  • Integration with 100’s of electronic document types & streams
  • Ability to meet regulatory reporting and information handling and privacy mandates

Strengthened Document Security & Integrity

  • Multi-tiered Security Model Plus Document Encryption
  • Document Typing & Metadata for Records Mgmt
  • Controlled Access to information from anywhere, by anyone authorized
  • Disaster recovery and backup are facilitated

Rapid Return on Investment

  • Affordable Acquisition and Deployment Costs
  • Minimized Ongoing Cost of Ownership
  • Cascading Benefit Streams from added applications leveraging initial investments

Customer Service Improvements

  • able to respond quickly and accurately by researching while customer is on the phone and to then interact further with the customer
  • able to electronically collect and track customer interactions for continuity
  • able to interact and exchange electronic copies of document

Maintenance & Options:
 Installation, training and professional services
 ContentVerse eSignature Certified User Module


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