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IRIS IRISPowerscan - 60 - Pages per Minute
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ICR forms processing software
IRISPowerscan - 60 - Pages per Minute

IRIS IRISPowerscan - 60 - Pages per Minute IRIS IRISPowerscan - 60 - Pages per Minute

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IRISPowerscan is a powerful, user-friendly production application with a multi-stream architecture for the scanning and the electronic capture of any kind of documents. It is a complete professional solution to scan, structure, sort, index and convert all documents into fully searchable text files.

IRISPowerscan supports most of the popular scanners such as Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon and many more: it is the perfect solution for front-end content, document processing and workflow applications.

Furthermore, thanks to the IRISPdf for IRISPowerscan included, it is a production OCR/ICR solution to scan, structure, sort, index and convert volumes of scanned documents into highly compressed electronic data. It is the perfect solution to kick-start any document management system or ERP.

IRISPowerscan Versions & Pricing

The best scanning and OCR solution:

  • High-speed scanning and multi-image display of the scanned images for fast and easy checking
  • Ready-to-use application: scan at a production level thanks to the predefined projects
  • Improve the quality of images with automatic deskew, despeckle and page orientation detection
  • Ensures the identification of various document types
  • Advanced documents separation features through barcodes, patch codes, OCR/ICR, blank pages, pages counter or layout identification
  • Advanced automatic sorting of documents through barcodes, patch codes, OCR/ICR and layout identification
  • Advanced indexing feature through barcodes, patch codes and OCR/ICR
  • Supports all brands of scanners: Kodak, Canon, HP, Avision, Fujitsu, Epson, Bell & Höwell and many more thanks to generic TWAIN Driver
  • More than 120 languages supported including Greek, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew and even Arabic (with add-on modules)
  • Easy workflow set-up
  • API (Application Programming Interface) for integrated indexing, processing, event handling and export in most common programming languages such as C++, .net or Visual Basic
  • Easy project import from Kodak Capture Software 6.X application (full support of all Batch Output Formats developed for Kodak Capture Software 6.X)

When using the included IRISPdf for IRISPowerscan, you can also benefit from:

  • High-speed conversion of document images into fully searchable PDF, PDF/A, PDF-iHQC, Signed PDF, PDF Security Method, RTF, TXT, DOC, WordML, SpreadsheetML, HTML, OpenDocument Text or XML files.
  • iHQC technology (patent pending): with this unique proprietary technology, get color PDF files with full-text at the price of Black & White image (with add-on, cf. iHQC Page 6)
  • Creation of a complete XML index

1st Year Maintenance Required*

Maintenance & Options:
 Installation, training and professional services
 IRISPowerscan - 60 - Pages per Minute - 1 Year Maintenance
 IRISPowerscan Asian Language Add-on
 IRISPowerscan Hebrew Language Add-on
 IRISPowerscan Arabic Language Add-on
 IHQC 100K/Year - IRISDocument for IRISPowerscan Add-on
 IHQC 250K/Year - IRISDocument for IRISPowerscan Add-on
 IHQC 1M/Year - IRISDocument for IRISPowerscan Add-on
 IHQC Unlimited - IRISDocument for IRISPowerscan Add-on


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