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Get much more throughput for your dollar with a refurbished scanner. All scanners on this page come with a 30-day warranty and are eligible for manufacturer service agreements. Don't take chances with eBay--get your certified refurbished scanner from ScanStore!
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OCR ICR character recognition software


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Document Scanners


ICR forms processing software

Featured Bell & Howell (Kodak) High-volume Scanners (60+ ppm)

Refurbished Ngenuity 9150DC 120ppm Color Duplex 12x40" Item Details Add to Cart
Bell & Howell (Kodak) Refurbished Ngenuity 9150DC 120ppm Color Duplex 12x40

*As of February 1, 2010 Bell & Howell is now owned by Kodak. All the Bell & Howell scanners and parts will become integrated into the Kodak name with a Kodak part number.


Armed with a bevy of little features that make a big difference for companies across industries, Ngenuity saves you valuable time and guarantees optimal image quality every time you scan.


In addition to fast speeds, Ngenuity features smart paper handling and large feeder tray capacity to improve efficiency and ensure that you spend less time hassling with document

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Featured Fujitsu High-volume Scanners (60+ ppm)

Refurbished fi-6770 70ppm Color Duplex 11x120" ADF/Flatbed Item Details Add to Cart
Fujitsu Refurbished fi-6770 70ppm Color Duplex 11x120


Intelligent scanning for the intelligent office

  • Fast scanning — up to 90 ppm/180 ipm in color or monochrome, landscape
  • Ultrasonic double-feed detection with advanced control
  • Comes with 2D Barcode for PaperStream
  • Scanner Central Admin Suite
  • Loaded with "intelligent" functions for more efficient scanning
  • Comes with PaperStream IP (TWAIN/ISIS) and PaperStream Capture
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Features

    Advanced scanning intelligence, high reliability, increased productivity: The fi-6770 professional production

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    Refurbished fi-7160 60ppm Color Duplex 8.5x220" Item Details Add to Cart
    Fujitsu Refurbished fi-7160 60ppm Color Duplex 8.5x220

    Scanning Performance

    With duplex scanning speeds of 120 images per minute at 300 DPI in Color, Grayscale, and Monochrome, the fi-7160 and fi-7260 protect your documents with acoustic sensors, ensure your data is captured with smart ultrasonic technology, and reduce rescans by cleaning up documents automatically in a single pass. Reliability is enhanced even further with new skew prevention technology for exceptional paper handling.

    • USB 3.0 for forward compatibility
    • Continuous hard and embossed card scanning up to 1.4mm thick
    • Ultrasonic Double-feed Detection sensor for security against lost images
    • Scan sticky notes, taped receipts, and labels while securing against multifeeds
    • Long document support up to 18.3 feet

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    Featured Panasonic High-volume Scanners (60+ ppm)

    Refurbished KV-S5076H 100ppm Color Duplex 11.7x17" Item Details Add to Cart
    Panasonic Refurbished KV-S5076H 100ppm Color Duplex 11.7x17

    Introducing a whole new way to scan. With on-board CPU image processing, the new Panasonic KV-S5076H scanner radically outpaces the competition. Instead of a software interface, the scanner’s on-board processor does the heavy lifting.

    Hardware image processing speeds every step of your workflow Conventional scanners put all of the processing tasks onto PC-based software. The KV-S5076H scanner has its own, built-in CPU that handles most image capture and processing steps from sharpening and contrast to trapping errors. Because it dedicates all of its on-board computing power to a single purpose, the KV-S5076 easily outpaces the most powerful PC-based scanning software and supports features that save time and reduce errors.

    Auto rescan technology means no more

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    Kodak High-volume Scanners (60+ ppm)

    Refurbished i4200 77ppm Color Duplex 12x160" Item Details Add to Cart
    Kodak Refurbished i4200 77ppm Color Duplex 12x160


    Turn Chaos into Efficiency and Efficiency into Advantage.

    Digitizing and managing a whirlwind of documents just got easier. With the most versatile capture solution Kodak has ever built, you’ll be ready for production scanning the day you open the box. Introducing the all-new KODAK i4000 Series Scanners. We took everything we’ve ever learned about document management and built an entirely original platform to help you control information, automate processes, and take productivity to new heights.

    It’s time for a solution that will meet your needs today and can grow to meet your needs tomorrow. It’s time for you and Kodak.

    It’s tough. It’s simple. And it was engineered from scratch

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    Panasonic High-volume Scanners (60+ ppm)

    Refurbished KV-S8127 120ppm Color Duplex 12x∞ Item Details Add to Cart
    Panasonic Refurbished KV-S8127 120ppm Color Duplex 12x∞

    Fast and Reliable Scanning

    The KV-S8127 high-volume production scanner marks the latest addition to Panasonic’s line of document scanners. Designed for banks, government, service bureaus and any high volume scanning environment. The KV-S8127 delivers top of the line features and functionality to help increase efficiency and decrease production scanning costs.

    The KV-S8127 features high-speed duplex scanning of up to 240 images per minute. It supports a large capacity of 750 sheets via the built-in ADF(LDG/A3: Up to 500 sheets), advanced hardware image processing, and Panasonic’s Toughfeed intelligent feed control for scanning a wide range of documents from thin paper to cardboard. The

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    ScanStore's Production undergo a thorough cleaning, maintenance and testing routine before they are listed here.  All scanners are backed by a 30 day warranty.  The complete testing and maintenance checklist is below.

    Complete Scanner Inspection
    Lamps inspected / replaced (if required)
    Consumables replaced (if required)
    Belts adjusted/ replaced
    Motors lubricated
    Firmware upgraded
    Glass inspected / cleaned
    External covers cleaned / painted
    Internal cleaned/ vacuumed
    Scanner software / drivers tested
    Scanner burn in test
    Test images written to CD
    Shipping screws installed
    Certified Scanner Traders label attached
    Pictures of scanner taken prior to packing

    Ensure following items are included
    Paper/exit trays
    AC Power cord
    Interface card (if required)
    Interface cable (if required)
    Operators manual
    Scanner software drivers on CD
    Calibration targets (if applicable)
    Unpacking instructions

    Verify if following items should be included
    Maintenance/ Warranty Info Enclosed
    Consumable list enclosed
    Simple software demo CD

    Please Note: Refurbished scanners do not include software bundles like Kofax Virtual ReScan or Adobe Acrobat that may be included with new units.


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