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IRIS IRISXtract for Documents - up to 30K Pages per year
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ICR forms processing software
IRISXtract for Documents - up to 30K Pages per year

IRIS IRISXtract for Documents - up to 30K Pages per year IRIS IRISXtract for Documents - up to 30K Pages per year

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ONE for all – ALL IN ONE -

A platform for all cases!

IRISXtract for Documents is THE software system for intelligent, automated document processing, for all types of documents. The product line of the IRISXtract system is designed to handle ALL your data capture needs, from the inbound mail, whether hardcopy paper or electronic, through the detailed capture of specific pieces of information from specific documents, such as AP Invoices or HR applications. The data that is captured from the documents can be either machine or handprinted. The system is composed of a number of different components, which you can select from to purchase. All the components of the system use the same engine, and each component can be installed either at the same time, or at various points in your project.
The Xtract product focuses on two critical business components: Business Process Solutions and Digital Mailroom Solutions.

The Business Process Solutions contain the Solution Packages, which cover in each case a solution for specific business processes, starting with the document classification in the mail room via automatic entry about checking all relevant data up to the final processing of the recorded information in the clients business system, as well as Enterprise Document Management system.

The Digital Mailroom Solutions are special solutions for classification, indexing and sorting of inbound documents. They can also contain the pre-configured Solution Packages Human Resources, Banking and Personalized Mail, whereby, in a second step, the rules for the extraction process are adapted to the specific client/project requirements. Furthermore our product components X4D, Solution Component Forms and Solution Component Capture Plus make the self-contained development of DM solutions possible.

The solution portfolio of Xtract system is comprised of the Solution Components (SCs) and the Solution Packages (SPs). Both product groups are based on the system platform X4D. The Solution Packages can be used from the very outset and incorporate, in each case, a complete solution for a certain business process: starting with document importation, and ranging from data extraction all the way to the subsequent transmission of the collected data into the EDP system for further processing. By using Solution Packages, it is possible to overcome media incompatibilities within the individual business processes. The parcelling up of ready-to-use packages has the advantage for the partner and/or client that the administrative and technical costs for the system implementation are low and the system can be put into productive operation at short notice. Moreover, the defined packages sustain maximum service quality

Minimal effort, maximal quality…
The Solution Packages (SPs) are available for the specific application processing: incoming invoice processing (SP Accounts Payable), in industry and commerce (SP Factoring), in the field of Human Resources (SP HR), for tax accountants (SP tax) and for the health system (SP Healthcare) as well as for order processing (SP Orders).

Additionally, I.R.I.S. increases its product portfolio with two new Solution Packages:
Solution Package Banking for the processing of incoming post in the financial area.
Solution Package Personalized Mail for the digitalization and classification of business post.

The Packages can be interlinked with one another as well as with the Solution Components without any complications or conflicts. As you can see in the Xtract system overview, all the processes within the system can be fully integrated into a single solution for the classification of the documents, capturing the data from the correct documents, and processing of all your documents, whether they be paper or electronic. Once the documents are processed, and data that needs to exported to specific business systems are exported, and the image of the documents are sent to the correct repository.
For detailed information about each of the Solution Packages, just click on the Solution Package, and you will be linked to the details for that Solution Package.

The Architecture of the IRISXtract product is graphically displayed as:


Invoice reading

Various studies show that the cost of processing an invoice through its life cycle can be as much as $17 and that the use of modern digitisation, archiving and automatic encoding techniques can deliver considerable productivity gains, reducing costs by up to 50%.

IRISCapture for Invoices is a powerful invoice capture, indexing and recognition application. All key information from the header of your invoices and the totals, are automatically detected the data are extracted, checked and ready for import in your Accounting or Document management system.

The IRISCapture for Invoices does not support the


  • IRISXtract Solution Package Accounts Payable

    • Our AP Solution helps to leverage your resources more effectively so your team can work with exceptional efficiency. It cleverly automates time-consuming manual tasks, reduces receipt to payment life cycles, increases visibility and swiftly loads data into your back-end systems, so jobs take a fraction of the time.
    • The solution provides the transparency and accuracy required for better compliance and more effective cashflow management.
  • IRISXtract Records Management

    • The Solution Component Capture Plus is a powerful, user-friendly solution platform for productive applications of automatic classification and indexing of documents of any type and from any source. It is a complete professional solution for scanning, recognition, indexing and assignment of documents in digital mailroom and electronic files applications.
  • IRISXtract IHQC

    • With Intelligent High Quality Compression (iHQC)™ technology—you can reduce your image files up to 50 times smaller than their original size, while retaining a high print quality. Your compressed documents are saved as a standard PDF format which is fully searchable.
  • IRISXtract Production Database

    • Business process optimization calls for a quality management system that screens and improves the processes in a company. The Production Database contains an efficient statistical tool within its Production Database.
    Features of the Production Database include:
    • Extensive live monitoring.
    • Tracking and tracing.
    • Reporting of production processes
  • IRISXtract Solution Designer

    • Features workbenches for the configuration and customization of form and free-form solutions for classification and indexing. The workbenches allow for editing the project configuration by extensive graphic user interfaces which can be integrated centrally into the Xtract system and then automatically distributed by the production manager.
  • XMail Fetcher

    • An important aspect of automatic processing is the handling or the system entry of emails, which make up a large share of business correspondence. XMailFetcher expedites this process by converting incoming mail, including its attachments, into readable images. It processes a wide range of formats that arise in the digital age.

Whether your business is large or small, remaining competitive in the global economy means you need to concentrate on what makes you successful - your core business. When selecting and implementing new technology, a highly skilled technical team is the difference-maker for a successful deployment.

Canon Solutions America has the team of experts you need to help you acquire the right technology, solutions, and services for your organization. From pre-sales analysis to post-sales support, our team of technical professional’s draws upon decades of technical expertise and real-world experience to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit from your technology investment.

Product Requirements:


Hardware: Server

Minimum claims basic system for the IRISXtractTM Server
  • Standard Server HW/PC with Dual-/QuadCore CPU
  • 4 GB RAM (minimum for the use without further Xtract-components)
  • More than 80 GB IDE/SATA disc space
  • Fast Ethernet Adapter with 100 Mbit
  • Standard graphic adapter ( 1280 x 1024 Pixel)
  • 19" Flat screen TFT
  • USB 2.0 support or alternatively USB-Hub in network
Software Licenses
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (x86) Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter Edition or
  • Windows Server 2008 (x86/x64)/ Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64) Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter Edition
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 (x86/x64) Express, Workgroup, Standard or Enterprise Edition

Hardware: Client

Claims for client systems
  • Standard HW/PC with Dual-/QuadCore-CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • More than 60 GB IDE/SATA disc space
  • Fast Ethernet Adapter with 100 Mbit
  • Standard graphic adapter ( 1280 x 1024 Pixel)
  • 19" Flat screen TFT.
Software Licenses
  • Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86) or
  • Windows 7 (x86/x64) Professional and Enterprise Edition
  • SQL Client-License per system

Maintenance & Options:
 Installation, training and professional services


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