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Simple Software Simple Software SimpleIndex OEM Kit - Available only to Simple Software Authorized Resellers
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ICR forms processing software
SimpleIndex OEM Kit

Simple Software SimpleIndex OEM Kit Simple Software Simple Software SimpleIndex OEM Kit - Available only to Simple Software Authorized Resellers

The SimpleIndex OEM is for resellers that would like to brand SimpleIndex with their own product name and logos.  This allows you to sell SimpleIndex to your clients, while having the product customized to look like a product from your company.


x1 SimpleIndex Pro Server 1M License
x1 SimpleView License
x1 SimpleSend License
x5 SimpleCoversheet Licenses
x1 SimpleQB License
x1 SimpleExport License
x1 year of maintenance for all products, after the first year a 20% maintenance fee will be required to maintain VAR status
x3 hours of personalized online training for the products


SimpleIndex® is a fully featured document capture, indexing/tagging and retrieval system. It is completely automated, allowing complicated scan jobs to be run from an icon on your desktop, which makes it as simple as possible for users. It is easy to set up yet open enough to allow you to configure even the most complex jobs. Its unique features and flexibility all at a low cost make it ideal for any business whether scanning paper documents or organizing electronic ones into a quick and simple retrieval system.

Organizations that need SimpleIndex:

  • Looking for relief form rising paper storage and retrieval expenses.

  • Want to reduce the cost and time spent with manual entry.

  • Can no longer tolerate the slow speed of manually accessing paper files.

  • Have data that arrives from multiple forms and formats.

  • Receive business critical information to and from multiple locations.

New in SimpleIndex 7:

Massive improvements have been made in SimpleIndex 7 to make it faster, more accurate, more reliable and useful in a wider variety of applications. You may not notice many of these at first glance, but you sure will once you start processing batches!

  • ABBYY FineReader OCR Engine - Faster and more accurate OCR conversion with searchable PDF output.

  • New Barcode Engine - Second barcode engine added for increased accuracy.

  • Enhanced Scanning - Multiple scan window previews when using ISIS for more efficient scanning and monitoring.

  • Multiprocessing - Run multiple SimpleIndex configurations at once.

  • Compatibility - Now compatible with all Windows versions 2000 and later, including 64 bit editions.

  • PDF Conversion - Convert MS Office, HTML, XML and images to PDF.

  • Text File Parsing - All versions now include text parsing (previously only OCR and Full), which allows you to extract the text in existing imported files.

For a full list of features updated in v7 please click here.


  • Automatically organize any file on your computer

  • NO monthly page limit on processing or scanning on client versions

  • TWAIN and ISIS scanning (ISIS only included in Full version)

  • Streamlined scanning and indexing interface

  • Barcode recognition (Barcode & Full versions only)

  • Zone & full-page OCR (OCR & Full versions only)

  • Text Parsing extracts index values from existing text in MS Office docs, PDF files or already OCR'd images

  • Template/dictionary matching OCR, Barcode & Text Parsing search algorithms

  • Optical Mark Recognition - OMR (OCR & Full versions only)

  • Direct integration with any custom database using ODBC & OLE DB connectivity

  • Output index information to database, comma-delimited text file or XML

  • Output images to TIFF, JPEG or PDF

  • Wide variety of built-in document retrieval options using any open database

  • Autofill index fields from an existing database

  • Command-line interface for easiest application integration

  • Media Wizard to create royalty-free, searchable document CDs or DVDs

  • Required documents auditing feature

  • User and administrator logins to prevent unauthorized configuration options access

  • Electronic imprinting and bates stamping

  • Easy-to-use cropping and redaction tools to remove confidential parts of images

  • Blank page detection and deletion

  • Despeckle & Deskew

  • Auto-Rotate

  • Enable Distributed Document Capture

Find more information on the features of SimpleIndex here.


  • SimpleSearch - SimpleIndex with retrieval capabilities only, for those that only need to search

  • Server Processing Add-On - Add Server Processing option to SimpleIndex

  • Pegasus Barcode Server Add-on - Add Server Processing for barcodes to SimpleIndex including the Pegasus Barcode Engine

  • SimpleCoversheet - Create Barcode coversheets that SimpleIndex will read and use to index the images.

  • SimpleView - Document Management module that gives an easy to see thumbnail view for fast corrections

  • SimpleSend - Automatically upload images via FTP or WebDAV and route documents via E-mail

  • SimpleQB - Scan images and automatically attach them to the QuickBooks record, then retrieve

  • ISIS Scanning Add-On - Add ISIS scanning capability to SimpleIndex Basic, OCR & Barcode

  • SimpleExport - Automatically send images and indexes created in SimpleIndex to any Document Management System (DMS), including Digitech's PaperVision/ImageSilo or CompuThink's ViewWise

Related Information:

SimpleIndex Versions Feature Matrix
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you would like a physical CD and Manual shipped to you, can order them here

For Terms and Conditions of technical support and upgrades, click here.

Maintenance & Options:
 Installation, training and professional services
 Simple Software Upgrade for OEM Licenses


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