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Bell & Howell Spectrum Xf 8090D-B. Low prices AND expert support. Feature comparisons, user reviews, downloads & more at the scanner store.
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Bell & Howell Spectrum Xf 8090D-B


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Bell & Howell (Kodak) Spectrum XF 8090D-B 75ppm B&W Duplex - 11.7x40''
Website Brochure Parts Compare Discontinued
Scan Speed
8.5x11, 200dpi, Portrait
Simplex (1 sided) Duplex (2 sides)
75  150 

Bell & Howell (Kodak) Spectrum XF 8090D-B 75ppm B&W Duplex  - 11.7x40''

Windows Operating System
High-volume (60+ ppm)  Flatbed No 
ADF Size 500  Color No 
Paper Size 12x18  VRS Yes 
Resolution 400x400  Multi-Feed Yes 
Daily Scans 60000  TWAIN Driver Yes 
U.S. Warranty 1 Year  ISIS Driver Yes 
Auto-Crop Yes  PC Yes 
Imprinter No  Mac No 
Interface SCSI (50 pin) 
Part Number 101814-US 
Bell & Howell (Kodak) Spectrum XF 8090D-B 75ppm B&W Duplex - 11.7x40''
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This Scanner Is Currently Unavailable or Discontinued

This record has been provided to help you find parts for your scanner.
Website and Brochure links may stop working at any time.

*As of February 1, 2010 Bell & Howell is now owned by Kodak. All the Bell & Howell scanners and parts will become integrated into the Kodak name with a Kodak part number.


  • With scanning speeds up to 140 pages per minute, the best-of-breed SharpShooter TriLinear CCD Camera, and onboard Virtual Rescan (VRS) technology, Spectrum XF offers the best combination of features you’ll find in a high-volume production scanner. Spectrum XF provides all of the “extra” benefits you want – extra throughput, extra efficiency, extra OCR, ICR and barcode recognition - without the extra cost.


Extra Advantages: Faster in every Setting

Whatever your business or application, Spectrum XF will get you there… faster. With Spectrum XF, you can now take advantage of speeds up to 140 PPM (pages per minute). How much faster is this over previous models?

  • 13 - 30% faster in color at 200 dpi
  • 10 - 17% faster in bitonal at 200 dpi

For forms processing users:

  • 12 - 15% faster in bitonal at 300 dpi

 SharpShooter CCD Camera Technology:  Spectrum XF proves that going faster doesn't mean you have to sacrifice image quality.  The state-of-the-art trilinear camera design - with one line per red, green and blue - ensures images at a finer level of detail in bitonal and grayscale and in more vivid color.  Unmatched speed and image quality

  • 600 dpi optical capture
  • 7,500 pixel capture per line
  • 40 megapixel-per-second throughput

Better image quality also means higher accuracy for OCR, ICR and barcode recognition, a terrific advancement for forms processing applications.

  • Onboard VirtualReScan (VRS) : Maximize Efficiency without the Trade-Offs:  Other manufacturers bundle VRS with their scanners but deliver disappointing results. Why? Because of the image enhancement functionalities are performed on the user's PC in software, rather than within the scanner in hardware, the user will have to sacrifice a measure of speed to accommodate these very intensive algorithms, which is particularly painful when scanning duplex, in color or both. In addition, scanners without onboard VRS may encounter problems because the scanner has not been fully integrated with VRS. 

Because Böwe Bell + Howell was the first manufacturer to implement onboard VRS as a standard feature over five years ago with the Copiscan 8000 Plus, no one has done it longer and no one does it better.

With Spectrum XF and Onboard VRS, you can have advanced speed and improved productivity at the same time, on one system - now that's performance without compromise.

  • Advanced Color Dropout:  Spectrum XF allows users to drop out any color – not just red, green, or blue. Great for users who want to drop out unnecessary color backgrounds altogether while capturing color information in the foreground. A great feature for forms processing users
  • Onboard Auto Color Detect:  Correctly identifying color documents from bitonal documents automatically, the time needed for scanning can be reduced by up to 60% over other methods. And with ACD performed onboard in Spectrum XF, you won't have to sacrifice scanner speed to utilize it, which would negate the very productivity gains yielded by ACD.
  • Negative Inversion:  A great feature for scanning microfilm printouts, allowing users to convert black to white and vice versa when scanning images printed on paper that has a black or almost-black background.

Software/Parts Included:

Adrenaline 650i PC interface board and SCSI-3 cable are included

1 year limited warranty (onsite with 24 hour response in the United states)




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