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Hippa Scanning at ScanStore. Choose from a variety of scanning and document management solutions to meet the needs of any job or budget.
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Hippa Scanning


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ICR forms processing software
Hippa Scanning Software Guide

One Source, Many Solutions

One stop document scanning and OCR shopping

At ScanStore you'll find many of the top document scanning and data capture solutions in one place.

Contact Us to speak directly to an expert with at least 10 years of experience implementing affordable imaging and OCR solutions built for business. We'll be happy to discuss your project and help you find the best Hippa Scanning for your project.

Our Simple OCR Store has a comprehensive guide to document scanning, OCR, and Enterprise Data Capture applications. Including solutions from:

You'll find flexibility with each of these products allowing a one-person shop to jump right in, or scale up to enterprise or service bureau proportions. If you need to throw some data capture into the document imaging mix, we also carry OCR, forms processing and document management tools.

Hippa Scanning Software Review Article

Information and Advice

Take a look at our Scanning Solutions Comparison page to find in-depth information on the features of our offerings and for more insight in finding the best fit.

And be sure not to miss our detailed comparison of the favorite Batch Scanning solutions in our exclusive Hippa Scanning Software Review.

What's Right for You

You want a paperless office and document scanning is part of the path to get you there. Simply buying a scanner and feeding paper into it isn't going to save you money. Automation of the scanning process is what holds costs down and drives up your Return on Investment.

For example, if an OCR automation costs $3,000 to implement, but by doing so you save a $15/hr employee 10 hours per week of data entry, the feature has paid for itself in 20 weeks.

So how do we automate the data capture? Here are a few possibilities:

  • Full-Page OCR turns a scan into a full-text document you can search
  • Barcodes on each document contain key data like a customer name or invoice number
  • A single field on the document is compared to a database to lookup other data
  • Zone OCR picks up details such as a date or amount due
  • Barcode coversheets give pertinent details for the auto-filing of a stack of paper

In recent years the cost of tasks restricted to the forms-processing realm have come down and it is now possible to perform some of the following processes in batch applications:

  • Dynamic OCR finds data that can move about the page from one form to the next
  • Handprinted information can be understood via ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)
  • Choices made via checkboxes or fill-in can be recognized

Our CDIA+ experts are waiting to work with you in finding the best fit for your particular document scanning project. Please contact us for a consultation!

I need to...

-> Scan batches of documents to organized folders and files on my computer

SimpleIndex Hippa Scanning barcode OCR software 

Kofax Express Desktop & Distributed Capture 

Digitech Systems Document Management Software 

OfficeGemini Dokmee Capture Scanning OCR Software

Compare Batch Scanning Software

I should use...

SimpleIndex provides the easiest, lowest cost solution for batch scanning.  It has powerful automation features like OCR, barcode recognition and 1-click processing for a fraction of the cost of similar systems.

Digitech PaperVision Capture is designed to distribute the scanning and indexing task to multiple workstations or across multiple sites.  All jobs are coordinated on a web-based job server, allowing you to scan documents in New York, OCR them in Chicago, index them in Houston and upload them to a document management system in Los Angeles automatically.

Kofax Express is a broad-ranging application with a variety of features and licensing options that are suitable for simple desktop scanning, high-volume batch scanning and distributed capture.

Digitech PaperFlow is a good solution for scanning large quantities of documents in a multi-user environment.  It has no monthly scan limitations and a variety of built-in exports to common document management systems. It is no longer being updated, but it's still available for existing customers or those that prefer it to PaperVision Capture.

The process of converting images to text is called OCR or Optical Character Recognition.  ScanStore offers several of the most popular OCR products, including FineReader, ReadIRIS, OmniPage.

View our OCR Guide for more information about OCR applications.

Mac users: check out our OCR for Macintosh page.

For businesses, we recommend ABBYY FineReader Corporate because of its high accuracy, concurrent licensing, broad language support, stability, support for "Hot Folders" for background processing and responsive technical support staff.

The best choice for personal users that need a solution for under $200 is ReadIRIS.

ABBYY FineReader Server and IRISDocument Server provide centralized OCR processing for anyone in your organization.  Users simply copy images to network hot folders and complex OCR workflows can be performed automatically.

PaperFlow allows high-volume OCR processing in a scanning department or service bureau.  PaperVision Capture also has an OCR module for zone and full-text OCR.

If you only need to convert scanned images to searchable PDF files, Nuance PowerPDF also offer low-cost searchable PDF-only OCR solutions.

ABBYY FlexiCapture is an industrial-strength handprint recognition and forms processing application that provides desktop and page-limited versions that are affordable for small businesses and do not require extensive technical training or scripting to configure.

FlexiCapture Distributed provides powerful processing for large data processing centers and service bureaus.  The Distributed version divides data processing and verification among multiple users for data entry tasks that require very high volumes or multiple sites.

ABBYY FlexiCapture lets you define complex document layout rules to find key information anywhere it appears on the page.

IRISXtract has pre-configured recognition solutions for accounts payable invoices, HR documents, digital mailroom and other common business document processes. IRISXtract is able to learn new documents dynamically, constantly improving recognition accuracy the longer you use it.

SimpleIndex implements a simplified version of FlexiCapture's dynamic OCR for a fraction of the cost.  SimpleIndex is designed to use dynamic OCR to automate batch scanning and is not recommended for applications with more than 10 data fields.

-> Operate a scanning service bureau to perform outsourced scanning services

Digitech Systems Document Imaging Software

ABBYY FlexiCapture Form Invoice Handprint OCR Software IRISXtract Invoice Digital Mailroom OCR Solution

SimpleIndex Hippa Scanning barcode OCR software

Kofax Express Desktop & Distributed Capture
OfficeGemini Dokmee Capture Scanning OCR Software

Compare Batch Scanning Software

SimpleIndex and PaperFlow both provide broad scanning and indexing capabilities, as well as the ability to create searchable CDs you can distribute to clients.  Neither  program has any page per month limitations, unlike other products in that price range.

PaperFlow is more expensive, but provides better features for multi-user scanning and indexing environments and more built-in exports to a variety of document and content management solutions.  SimpleIndex also has dynamic OCR and electronic file processing features that PaperFlow does not.

Digitech PaperVision Capture is designed to distribute the scanning and indexing task to multiple workstations or across multiple sites.  All jobs are coordinated on a web-based job server, allowing you to scan documents in New York, OCR them in Chicago, index them in Houston and upload them to a document management system in Los Angeles automatically.

ABBYY FineReader Server and IRIS Pdf Server are a great way to add OCR and full-text indexing to your service offerings.  These server-based OCR applications are easy to manage and designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

Kofax Express is a broad-ranging application with a variety of features and licensing options that are suitable for simple desktop scanning, high-volume batch scanning and distributed capture.

  Hippa Scanning

More info on Hippa Scanning.

This page was designed to help you find Hippa Scanning quickly and easily. Click Here to find Hippa Scanning.

On-Site Support Available for much of the Eastern US
Online support available worldwide!

We will perform on-site installation and training services at any location within a 3 hour drive of one of our offices without charging extra for airfare.  However, our extensive online support options make on-site visits unnecessary for many applications.

From our headquarters in Knoxville, TN we are able to provide on-site service and support for East Tennessee (Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Alcoa, Chattanooga, Nashville, Tri-Cities, Kingsport, TN), Western North Carolina (Asheville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Durham, NC), North Georgia (Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, GA), Western South Carolina (Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia), North Alabama (Birmingham, Huntsville, AL), Eastern Kentucky (Louisville, Lexington, Georgetown, KY) Southern Ohio (Cincinnati, OH), and Southern Virginia (Bristol, Roanoke, Richmond, VA).

From our branch office in Boston we are able to provide on-site service and support for Massachusetts (Boston, Worcester, Springfield, MA), Rhode Island (Providence, Newport, RI), Connecticut (Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Danbury, CT), Southern New Hampshire (Nashua, Manchester, NH), Eastern New York (New York City (NYC), Yonkers, Long Island, Albany, NY), New Jersey (Newark, Trenton, NJ) and Eastern Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Allentown, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, PA).

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